Palmetto Investigative Services, LLC
Louis Reed
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As a retired Charleston Police Sergeant, I have the local knowledge, training, and experience, to find the answers you need. Don't waste your time and money on an unlicensed person who claims to be a private investigator. The information they provide is unreliable, and probably illegally obtained, meaning inadmissible in court. Put my 30 years of training and experience to work for you.
At Palmetto Investigative Services, LLC we take your case seriously. While no investigator can guarantee the results of a case, I guarantee integrity and discretion in handling your investigation.
I am licensed by SLED to conduct any type of investigation, but I specialize in the following services:
     * Workmans Comp Fraud
     * Covert Surveillance
     * GPS Tracking
     * TSCM, Bug / Camera Detection - Commercial and Residential
     * Missing Persons, Background Checks
     * Asset Identification, Watercraft / Aircraft / Motor Vehicles
     * Criminal Cases, I will examine the facts of your case, the police reports and any evidence you have, to assist in your defense.
        I have over 30  years of Law Enforcement experience, I know what to look for.
     * Security Consulting, Commercial and Residential.
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