Palmetto Investigative Services, LLC
Louis Reed
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As a retired Charleston Police Sergeant, I have the local knowledge, training, and experience, to find the answers you need. Don't waste your time and money on an unlicensed person who claims to be a private investigator. The information they provide is unreliable, and probably illegally obtained, meaning inadmissible in court. Put my 30 years of training and experience to work for you.
Private Investigator
Let me help you get the answers you need.
At Palmetto Investigative Services, LLC, you are treated like an individual rather than just another case number. Whether you are trying to find a missing person, build a criminal defense, or get the proof you need for litigation, we are the agency for you.
Palmetto Investigative Services, LLC is Licensed,Bonded, and Insured.
I have years of covert surveillance experience on cases ranging from burglary to narcotics to armed robbery and homicide. I can provide still photography and video evidence to document the findings of the investigation.
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